Lorena Mussa Rendic

Architect of the Universidad Católica de Chile (1987)

She worked in the office Schmidt and Valdés Arquitectos for 14 years, mostly in corporate
architecture and interior design. In 2002, she founded Mussa Arquitectos, a company dedicated exclusively to corporate
architecture and interior design.

She has participated in all the projects of Mussa, formingpart of the work team that is configured for each one of them. This has allowed her tocreate a close and long-term relationship with our corporate clients, based on teamwork
and personalized dedication to each project.
The constant visits, both to international fairs, furniture and carpet factories, have allowed
her to be always updated with the latest trends in corporate interior design. She adapts
this knowledge according to the needs of each client, always taking under consideration
their spirit and culture.

Participation in international fairs:

– NEOCON Chicago, EEUU

-ORGATEC Colonia, Alemania

-MILAN, Italia

Fábricas de mobiliario y alfombras internacionales visitadas


-Herman Miller