“We met the MUSSA Studio as a result of a bidding process
and very good commercial references. From the
beginning of the project, we observed agility and flexibility in
the designs, adapting the space to our needs.
Trust and teamwork are relevant characteristics.
The result was excellent in time and form.”
                                                               – Sócrates Palantzoglou


“Dear Lorena, it is a pleasure to work with your office, as always
you are willing to solve our concerns, in addition to the
commitment to our project
                                                                        – Enrique Aldunate G
“Since 2003, Mussa Arquitectos and Fundación la Fuente
have maintained a fruitful relationship in the design and
implementation of the headquarters of Biblioteca Viva Mall Plaza.
The way of working together and collaborative, has allowed us
reinvent the concept of public library, making it more
close to users.
                                                                    -Verónica Abud Cabrera
“The Vitanet library of the Municipality of Vitacura
chose the Mussa architects’ office for the
remodeling their library for being them some
professionals who combine the concept of innovation,
creating ludic spaces, indispensable in a library,
at the same time cheerful and functional, together with the ability to
optimize the use of resources and always be in the
point of view without imposing their positions
                                                                      -Patricia Hörmann Villagrán
“I want to express my great satisfaction for the
work done with Mussa Arquitectos, in the
offices of PENTA Ingenieros, for their dedication,
willingness, in addition to the effort they put
in his work, the great productivity in his work
and a foolproof arrangement; what is worthy of
recognition and differentiates them with many
of architecture.
                                                          -Roberto Hagar C.
“The team of mussa architects designed our
offices taking into account the attributes of
Pacific Hydro as a generating company
renewable energy, flexible and modern, creating a
comfortable working environment, capable of responding
to the needs of our organization and that
identifies us as a company.
                                                                  -Jose Antonio Valdés
“Very proactive Arquitecs, concrete and formal,
very sensitive to the needs of the
customer and achievement of customer expectations.
                                                                -Sergio Rojas Hope